Revelation of the Devil

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Revelation of the Devil

Laurence Gardner's range of highly acclaimed and ambitious books based on wide reading and a deep knowledge of a range of subjects culminated in this, his final book, the accompanying book to The Origin of God, written shortly before his death in 2010. It is an irrefutable and searing indictment of conventional belief, which exposes the evils and absurdities perpetuated over the millenia in the name of Christianity.

Revelation of the Devil traces the history of the Devil from its roots in Mesopotamia and the Old Testament all the way up to the modern world of today. Travelling through the New Testament, the Koran, the Inquisitions, the Reformation and the Enlightenment it unmasks "the myth of evil and the conspiracy of Satan".

In the manner of a biography, Revelation of the Devil follows the Devil's sinister history from his scriptural introduction to the dark satanic cults of the present day. In a strict chronological progression we experience the mood of each successive era and witness the constant manipulation of the Devil's image as it suited the changing requirements of his promoters in their bid for threat-driven clerical control.

For nearly 2,000 years a supernatural entity known as the Devil has been held responsible by Church authorities for bringing sin and wickedness into the world. Throughout this period, the Devil has been portrayed as a constant protagonist of evil, although his origin remains a mystery and his personality has undergone many interpretive changes.

Revelation of the Devil seeks to examine this process of figurative development in detail, following the Devil's sinister history in the manner of a biography, from his scriptural introduction to the dark satanic cults of the present day. From a perspective of mainstream reasoning, it is difficult to comprehend the nature of such superstitious thought in today's world. But, whilst a widespread belief in God persists, it is but a short step to accepting the Devil as the personification of evil.

Thus numerous questions are raised:

If God is all good and all powerful, then why does evil exist and how can it exist?

If God created everything, then where did the Devil come from?

If the Devil exists, then why does he not feature in any pre-Christian document?

Who or what were the devils? Were they an invented product of Christian theology, or was their origin in the demonology of earlier times?




Author - Lawrence Gardner

The Origin of God - Laurence Gardner
Author - Laurence Gardner
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Laurence Gardner died in August 2010 after a long illness, during which he completed the bulk of the work on two new books, The Origin of God, published by dash house in 2010, and this book, Revelation of the Devil, marking the end of a long and distinguished writing career. It began in 1996 with Bloodline of the Holy Grail, which achieved a top-10 listing in the Sunday Times bestsellers chart and was followed by Genesis of the Grail Kings in 1999 and Realm of the Ring Lords in 2001. In 2003 his Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark became another top-10 bestseller, as did The Magdalene Legacy, an Amazon top-10 success in 2005, achieving international besteller status. Also a Master Mason, he wrote The Shadow of Solomon in 2006 and The Grail Enigma in 2008. Editions of Laurence’s work have been translated into 24 languages worldwide.

As his health deteriorated, Laurence was unable to give talks about his latest books, other than to his good friend Edmund Marriage, Principal of the Patrick Foundation, who fronts The Golden Age Project:

Edmund has agreed to be Laurence's spokesperson and his website gives a good overview of the ethos of The Golden Age Project, which resonates with Laurence's work.


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Laurence Gardner's eighth book in well over twenty years of thorough and well referenced research on the many aspects of secular and religious history, challenges what we have been taught about history, science, religion and God. As with his first book Bloodline of the Holy Grail, this book is bound to be a best seller, and will create waves within the rigid established doctrines of those who seek to dominate and control free men and women. This masterpiece completed before his death from a long illness in August 2010, brings together from his and other considerable archives of research and information, the most important story of our incredible ancestors, their advanced civilisation, and the identity of the flesh and blood individual and his family, who led the re-start of civilisation and agriculture. Only after they had disappeared from the Middle Eastern scene were they worshipped in the religious sense; and they were then so enveloped in supernatural trappings that their intrinsic advanced and benevolent characteristics were swamped in a morass of pseudo-religious adulation.

The Origin of God by the late Laurence Gardner is a thought provoking,thoroughly researched masterpiece on a subject that one way or another affects a significant number of people. There are those who will appreciate his efforts to identify the source of the biblical God and there are those who will not. That he made the effort to try to offer an unbiased view should be applauded by all open-minded people. Going back over a period of some 6,000 years, his book's conclusion is that "to believe or not to believe remains a matter of conjecture and personal opinion". Doubtless there will be people who disagree with his conclusions, but before making a judgement this excellent thought-provoking book should be studied in detail.